The GESAC Board



The current Board until May 2020




Jose Jorge Letria - Interim President of GESAC and Chair of the Board

Mr Letria is the President and CEO of Portuguese authors' society SPAutores





Robert Ashcroft - Vice-President

Mr Ashcroft is the CEO of British authors' society PRS for Music.




Jean-Noël Tronc - Vice-President

Mr Tronc is the CEO of French authors' society Sacem.







Board Members


Gernot Graninger - Board member

Dr Graninger is the CEO of Austrian authors' society AKM.




Harald Heker - Board member

Dr Heker is the CEO of German authors' society GEMA.




Victor Finn - Board member

Mr Finn is CEO of Irish authors' society IMRO.




András Szinger - Board member

Dr Szinger is the CEO of Hungarian authors' society Artisjus.



Rafał Kownacki - Board member

Mr Kownacki is the deputy CEO of Polish authors' society ZAiKS.