Other sources





  • Cultural content in the Online Environment: Analyzing the Value Transfer in Europe, Roland Berger, 2015 here


  • The brochure and infographic made based on this study here


  • Economic analysis of safe harbour provisions, Dr. Stan J. Liebowitz, 2018, study carried out by CISAC, available here.




Legal analyses


  • ALAI further reflections on the value gap, addressing Member State questions on Article 13 of the Copyright Directive proposal here


  • ALAI Opinion on the Copyright Directive proposal provisions on transfer of value (world’s most authoritative copyright professors) available here


  • An article by Prof Silke von Lewinski in the Kluwer Blog available here


  • Legal Analysis by Prof Agnes Lucas Schloetter available here


  • Paper by Dr Eleonora Rosati analysing the CJEU decision in the Pirate Bay case, available here


  • A blogpost by Dr Eleonora Rosati: "The value gap proposal in the JURI Committee Report as a consolidation of the existing framework (not the end of the internet)", available here


  • Report by the French academic Prof. Pierre Sirinelli on the communication to the public right, prepared for the French Ministry of Culture’s CSPLA (available in French and English)


  • During the Academic Round Table event in November 2017, Prof. Antoon Quaedvlieg prepared the following presentation as well as a memo (in Dutch) written for the Dutch Copyright Committee here


  • A report by Prof. Matthias Leistner titled “Is the CJEU outperforming the Commission?” which looks at CJEU case law and the Commission’s proposal regarding ToV which you can read here


  • A study by Prof. Udo Di Fabio, former judge at the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany, entitled “Urheberrecht und Kunstfreiheit unter digitalen Verwertungsbedingungen“ (“Copyright and Freedom of the Arts under Digital Market Conditions”). this study looks at copyright from a constitutional point of view. The book version can be bought here.


  • The Kluwer Copyright Blogpost by Prof. Dr. Jan Bernd Nordemann that counters the argument that the 'preventive measures' (i.e. content recognition) mentioned under article 13 are something new and would kill the internet.



More sources of information on transfer of value


  • Campaign that gathered over 22.000 creators' signatures last year available here


  • Recent UNESCO initiative regarding guidelines for the protection of creators online available here


  • A recent presentation from Complete Music Update website available here


  • CJEU recent ruling on Pirate Bay and video sharing platforms, confirming their act of communication to public, available here


  • Jean-Michel Jarre interviewed live by the BBC from the European Parliament, Brussels on 6 March 2018. Watch the video.