The Collective Rights Management Directive



In February 2014, GESAC welcomed the adoption of the Collective Rights Management (CRM) Directive. The Directive highlights the key role of collective management organisations (CMOs) in negotiating deals with licensees and securing fair remuneration to creators. It aims at setting European-wide standards of transparency and governance, which are essential to ensure that relationships with rights holders and users are based on confidence.

The completed text of the Directive confirms the crucial role that author and rights holder members play in overseeing the operations of their societies. It also sets a legal framework that accompanies the development of the online market for the cross-border use of music and the solutions already provided by CMOs to organise rights clearance in a manner that is efficient for users and respectful of rights holders’ interests.

CMOs produce innovative solutions to assist the development of the online market both in the form of simplified licensing offers and in international collaborations driving greater efficiency in data management and better access to content. Common technical solutions and licensing hubs are examples of CMO leadership in this area. These solutions are crucial to swifter market development, and they offer up access to greater numbers of repertoires encouraging business users to access to the full range of creative content produced throughout the European Union.


The countries that have transposed the Directive in their national law so far (latest update: 11:10/2017) are:


  • Austria


  • Belgium


  • Croatia


  • Cyprus


  • Czech Republic


  • Denmark (law text here)


  • Estonia


  • Finland


  • France (more on Sacem's implementation here)


  • Germany


  • Greece


  • Hungary


  • Ireland (law text here)


  • Italy


  • Latvia


  • Lithuania


  • Malta


  • The Netherlands


  • Slovakia (law text here)


  • Slovenia


  • Sweden


  • United Kingdom (law text here)