Cultural Content in the Online Environment: Analyzing the Value Transfer in Europe



In 2015, GESAC commissioned Roland Berger to do a study on the transfer of value in Europe. The results can also be read in the brochure made for the occasion.


In short, platform services dominate the online market for cultural and creative works. They are primarily built on user uploaded content or the aggregation of existing content, and far too often, they provide little or no return to the creators of the works. This has generated a ‘transfer of value’, as...


the value of cultural and creative works is now completely retained by some platform services instead of going to the creators



This transfer of value has created an inefficient and unfair market and threatens the long term health of the EU’s cultural and creative sectors and the success of the Digital Single Market.



The brochure “Use of cultural content online: from transfer of value to a fair ecosystem” aims to explain in simple terms what transfer of value is, how it affects creators, and what can be done about it (available in English, French, German, Spanish, CroatianDanish, Finnish, Slovakian, or Hungarian).


Download the infographic in EnglishFrench, GermanSwedish or Croatian.


More on transfer of value and GESAC's position on the Copyright Directive proposal's attempt to tackle it here.


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