SABAM and YouTube – working together to ensure musicians get a fair deal

The video-sharing platform You Tube has taken the world by storm, and it’s easy to see why. It gives music lovers the chance to watch clips of their favourite artists – and discover new ones – at the click of a mouse.

And that’s fantastic progress for cultural diversity.

A priority for SABAM, the Belgian authors’ society representing 36,000 composers, lyricists, publishers, and music video makers, has been to ensure that the artists who make You Tube the fantastic service it is draw as much benefit from it as their fans.

A new deal struck between YouTube and SABAM means SABAM members are compensated when fans view their music, receiving payment when advertisements are displayed against YouTube partners’ videos. This agreement is a win-win: authors’ enjoy an ever-wider reach of audience – and get paid for their creative endeavours. And fans enjoy access to an increasingly limitless range of music.

You Tube has described the agreement as one element in their constant efforts to promote Belgian content and pay local artists for the online publication of their work. They’ve made similar agreements with associations representing artists and authors across Europe: the UK, France (SACEM, SACD, SCAM, ADAGP), Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Ireland, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

Christophe Depreter, speaking on behalf of SABAM, called the agreement “A very positive step forward – both for our members and, on a broader scale, the Internet.”