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Europe’s creative economy has been decimated by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Venues remain closed, productions postponed and advertising revenues have plummeted.

But 2019 was a different story. Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) represented some of Europe’s biggest employers, some of its most diverse and fast-growing sectors, and a major contributor to European GDP. The balance of trade in culture posted a net surplus of €8.6 billion in 2019. (more…)

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Op-ed GESAC Board issues urgent creative sector warning

Last summer, EU member states committed to an unprecedent €750 billion recovery plan that now needs to be implemented in every country.

Turning over the COVID page will be a demanding challenge, but Europe can count on a major ally: its cultural and creative industries (CCIs). As emphasised in a new study, CCIs are much more than just another sector to bail out of the crisis, they are a significant component of Europe’s solution to this crisis.

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New EYxGESAC study – press conference details

We are excited to announce that GESAC will soon be launching a follow-up study to our influential 2014 study Creating Growth.

The study, once again conducted by EY, will reveal the figures behind the immense size of Europe’s creative economy, the full impact of COVID-19, and how culture should play a central role it helping to rebuild Europe.


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