All you need to know: Jean-Michel Jarre and an authors’ delegation come to Brussels – 06.03.2018

On 6th March 2018 world-renowned electronic music composer and performer Jean-Michel Jarre led a delegation of authors to Brussels to call for support by members of the European Parliament to bring fairness for authors in the digital world.

From left to right: Crispin Hunt, Matthew Irons, Piotr Rubik, Jean-Michel Jarre, Astrid North, Cora Novoa

In the press

Read the press release here

Read Music Business Wide’s article about the event, entitled “BASCA Chairman Crispin Hunt warns EU over ‘yawning chasm’ of value gap”


Watch Jean-Michel Jarre’s interview with the BBC here

Watch Jean-Michel Jarre’s interview with  MEP Pervenche Bérès here (FR)

Watch Crisprin Hunt’s interview with MEP Helga Trüpel here


Have a look at a selection of photos from the day here

The petition

Find updates on the status of the petition here