Authors’ societies & the collective management model

Authors’ societies are hugely beneficial to both authors (creators), users (platforms and services), and the broader public.

Beyond benefiting these different groups,  authors’ societies also support the broader cultural ecosystem by funding and promoting cultural and creative initiatives.

Below are five key benefits to authors’ societies and the collective management model.

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1. Individual authors are empowered through collective negotiation

Creators and other rightsholders entrust authors’ societies to grant licences to users on their behalf. Users are the services and platforms who use or spread their work throughout the world.

In turn, the societies include the rightsholders in the collective effort to negotiate the best conditions for the use of their works. By organising as collective management entities (authors’ societies), creators can negotiate better conditions than they ever could individually and give consumers the widest possible access to creative content.

By uniting under a single collective voice, creators also ensure that their rights are protected and their opinions heard in policy discussions.

2. Streamlined rights clearance and legal certainty for users

3. Broader access to creative works for everyone, everywhere

4. Ensuring independence of creators

5. Talent and cultural diversity is nurtured through dedicated funds