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Music streaming has unquestionably become the predominant means of enjoying music, replacing traditional physical media and expanded far beyond the live sector by providing user-friendly, high quality, and affordable access to the largest possible repertoire anytime, anywhere, online, or offline.

Songs and compositions are at the heart of this thriving market, which counts 524 million users on subscription-based music services globally, reaches more than 2 billion users including the streaming on UGC platforms, and offers more than 70 million tracks from approximately 8 million artists.

Yet, the authors and composers cannot benefit adequately from this success, and the debate over unfairness of this market is gaining traction across Europe and around the world.

There is a need to look more closely at how songwriters and composers are connected to this thriving economy and what can be done to improve their currently neglected situation.

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Study on the place and role of authors and composers in the European music streaming market

The “Study on the place and role of authors and composers in the European music streaming market” provides an in-depth analysis of bottlenecks and dysfunctions that prevent authors and composers from experiencing more sustainable growth in the music streaming market. It considers how to grow the revenue pie for creators and other rightholders, as well as how to ensure a fairer and more creator-friendly music ecosystem.

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The study was commissioned by GESAC and prepared by journalist and renowned music sector expert Emmanuel Legrand, who conducted an extensive market analysis based on existing economic studies, market research, as well as interviews and direct contacts with a wide range of music sector professionals, online music services, creators, and music-tech businesses.

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Please see the press release herethe recording of the press conference, and all study documents below.

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GESAC’s 10 Points for a more sustainable and author friendly music streaming market at EU level

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