Author societies in the cloud

New technologies, and digital and cloud services are helping European music fans discover more music in new ways. Author societies provide licences for both digital and cloud services, ensuring that consumer benefits are matched by benefits for creators. This month, PRS for Music announced a new licensing deal with Amazon’s Cloud Player. 

For collective rights management to be effective, it needs to keep up with and adapt to changes in how people consume creative endeavors.

Take music, for example. In the last couple of decades the ways people have listened to music have expanded beyond recognition. Who could have imagined, as we delighted in our new Walkmans back in 1993, the wealth of devices that we’d have access to today: Tablets, e-books, various mobile music players, smart phones, as well as computers.

In the digital world, the consumer comes first. And the cloud is supporting this trend. Cloud services are fast becoming one of the future platforms for music consumption due to the simplicity of access they offer to music libraries, through different devices.

Author societies recognise and embrace the value of digital and cloud for Europe’s cultural mix. But their number one priority is to safeguard the livelihoods of the creators they represent. For instance, entering into licensing agreements with digital and cloud service providers, as PRS for Music, the UK-based author society, does is one of the very important parts of balancing consumers’ enjoyment with creators’ rights.

PRS for Music has been issuing licenses for digital services for over a decade. They issued their first license for a cloud music service in 2010.

This month, PRS for Music unveiled a new deal with Amazon Cloud Player, meaning their members will receive revenue as their customers enjoy the service.

PRS for Music has now supported the launch of over 70 fully-licensed online music services and has licensed a range of cloud services from big name providers like iTunes and 7 Digital.

And they’re just getting started.