Author societies team up with European Commission, supports Europe’s breakthrough bands.

The European Border Breakers Awards is a musical highlight in Europe’s calendar. You may know that they are funded by the European Union’s Culture Programme. But did you also know that Buma Cultuur, a daughter organisation of the Dutch author society Buma, is a partner too?

Even in the Internet age it’s tough for artists to receive acclaim and generate sales outside of their home base. Yet Europe’s music diversity needs artists to ‘break borders’ by chancing their luck in foreign countries. The European Border Breakers Awards celebrate the intrepid and talented few who do manage – and encourages the rest of Europe’s musicians to follow in their footsteps.

Here’s what the European Commission has to say about the EBBAs.

“The circulation of new repertoire is important for people’s access to it and the European Border Breakers Awards aim to stimulate the cross-border circulation of new music. Access to new music and its circulation are crucial for artists’ capacity to build up relations with the wider European public. The European Commission acknowledges that the European music sector contributes significantly to our economy, together with our other creative industries.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Author societies are dedicated to promoting Europe’s musical diversity – and to promoting the success and careers of the artists we represent. That’s why we invest in carefully selected cultural schemes and awards, such as the EBBAs, that showcase emerging artists capable of deepening Europe’s cultural mix.

Robbert Baruch, Public Affairs Manager at Buma comments “It’s great to see how the European Union works to promote European popular music. This is good for Europe and good for our ears.”

You can get involved in the EBBAs by voting online for your favourite act from today to December 21, 2012. The actual ceremony takes place on January 13, 2013 in Groningen, the Netherlands. And we can’t wait.

The EBBAs have helped to kick off the international careers of many well-known names: Carla Bruni, DonkeyBoy and Adele to name a few.