Authors’ societies move to voluntarily improve transparency and governance

Now is a crucial time for authors’ societies.

The proposal for a directive on collective rights management has been published – after much anticipation – and we embrace the changes this new legislation promises to bring about. Europe needs an up-to-date set of laws that takes into account the challenges of today’s changing world and reinforces the benefits authors’ societies provide, both to rights holders and to users.

Although harmonised European legislation is crucial, no-one is more invested in the good governance and transparency of authors’ societies than authors’ societies themselves. We already strive tirelessly to keep ourselves in check. Just last month CISAC, the international representative body of collective rights management societies, launched an in-depth review of the Professional Rules governing authors’ societies worldwide.


Update of authors’ societies professional rules – what are the aims?

Make royalty distributions more frequent. Already we’re heading in the right direction on this. Last month the principle of quarterly distributions of royalties between musical rights societies was enshrined , meaning members are given fair payment for their works faster.

More transparency through rigorous yearly reporting obligations on all societies

Oversight and sanctions. CISAC will make sure that societies are keeping in line with its Professional Rules and take action in cases of non-compliance.

CISAC‘s Professional Rules have been in place for some time. They are crucial for our credibility, efficiency and transparency – and we welcome them.

Every member society that is represented on this platform,, must respect these standards.

What’s more, 6 years ago GESAC – the European Grouping of authors societies representing 34 Europe-based societies –adopted common rules on governance and transparency. They were conceived together with the global trade association for music publishers, ICMP, to improve the management of on-line rights in music works.

Updating voluntary governance rules demonstrates authors societies pro-active commitment to the professional well-being and livelihoods of creators everywhere.