Christophe Depreter re-elected President of GESAC

This week, GESAC held the first General Meeting of 2016, where Board elections were held. All board members were re-elected, giving them a clear backing and mandate to continue their work.

GESAC’s board is made up of:


  • Christophe Depreter (CEO Sabam)


  • Robert Ashcroft (CEO PRS)
  • Anders Lassen (CEO Koda)
  • Jean-Noël Tronc (CEO Sacem)


  • Dr Gernot Graninger (CEO AKM)
  • Dr Harald Heker (CEO GEMA)
  • José Jorge Letria (CEO SPA)
  • Enrique Gómez Piñero (CEO SGAE) – soon to be succeeded by Janine Lorente, deputy CEO
  • Andras Szinger (CEO Artisjus)

The General Meeting was also the opportunity for the secretariat and the different working groups to present their work and progress. Transfer of value was of course central to this meeting, and the European Institutions’ will to address the issue was highlighted and welcomed.