CISAC to start online course on copyright

CISAC, GESAC’s sister organisation representing creators globally, will start a trilingual global online course on copyright history on 14th May, together with FutureLearn. “Exploring Copyright” will last for four weeks and provides certification upon completion of the course requirements.

The course will be taught by copyright lawyer, professor and former UBC Executive Director Marisa Gandelman and is a great resource for helping professionals, creators, policymakers and the public learn about the basics of authors’ rights and copyright.

The MOOC will examine:

  • Key events in the development of the concept of authorship and the legal framework for the protection of intellectual work.
  • The impact of technology for the economic, political and social aspects of those key events.
  • The process of harmonisation of the guiding principles of national legislations for the protection of creators and artistic work.
  • The formation of associations through which creators fight for rights and build an operational structure to take care of these rights.
  • The internationalisation of the legal framework and the inauguration of the first multilateral agreements for the protection of intellectual work.
  • Changes in the international treaties to account for the technological development and its impact on creative activity.
  • Challenges for creators and other players in the creative industries, as well as for the legal framework, international and domestic, presented by digital technology and the new market arising from it.

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Watch an introductory video featuring Jean-Michel Jarre here