Copyright Directive – GESAC welcomes JURI vote that adopted Article 13

The Legal Affairs committee confirms that big UUC platforms need to comply with authors’ rights

20/06/2018 – Today in Brussels, the JURI Committee voted on the long-discussed Copyright Directive and adopted Article 13 with a clear majority. The European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers (GESAC) welcomes this result, which is an important step towards ending the big platforms’ free riding.


The text usefully clarifies that certain UUC platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Sound cloud etc. can no longer hide behind “safe harbours” and should remunerate creators fairly. The text further provides legal safeguards and guarantees for the consumers to continue to post, access and share the content they enjoy on those platforms.

Anders Lassen, GESAC President said “More than 31 000 creators have signed a petition calling the EU to fix this transfer of value/value gap. Freedom of expression is part of the creators’ DNA and the report ensures that both the freedom of expression and the independence of creators are safeguarded.”

Véronique Desbrosses, GESAC General Manager added, “Creators are at the heart of the cultural and creative industries that employ more than 11 million people, and which are one of the driving economic forces of the EU. We are grateful to all the MEPs who today showed their commitment to solving the biggest priority issue for creators, the transfer of value. Europe is becoming a pioneer in ensuring a level playing field in the digital economy. ”

See the full press release here.