COVID-19: creators call for the EU to act now

GESAC has sent a statement to the European institutions which includes recommendations on how to best support European creators during this global pandemic.

Creators who rely on the public performance of their work are facing the prospect of present and future earnings being wiped out, as lockdowns take their toll on Europe’s economy.

Alongside the closure of bars, clubs and other venues, the cancellation of events like concerts and festivals has worsened the situation for those whose livelihoods depend on performance and royalty revenues.

European authors’ societies have acted quickly in response to the immediate needs of their members.

Please visit the website of your authors’ society (a list of which can be found at the bottom of this page) to find out more about initiatives being carried out at a national level.

Read below for our specific recommendations and more of the situation facing creators.


“European culture and European creators are facing unprecedented negative impacts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

So reads the first line of GESAC’s statement, sent to the European institutions today. Such is the seriousness of the situation facing creators, who find themselves without the safety net provided to regular employees and outside of the scope of much government funding that has been released so far.

In our statement, we recommend that:

      • The Commission specifically mentions the importance of supporting the cultural sector when providing funds to Member States and makes sure that the precarious situation of creators is taken into account in its policy regarding COVID-19;
      • Member States make sure that part of the emergency funds provided by the EU is available to creators and the cultural sector;
      • Co-legislators swiftly adopt the Multiannual Financial Framework that sets the future funding for culture in Europe, with the necessary increase for our sectors, as proposed by the European Parliament.


    Read the full statement here.