EU Commission petitioned to support resale right

A letter co-signed by GESAC, CISAC and EVA was sent to the European Commission requesting support for promoting the worldwide recognition of visual artists’ resale right.

Resale right is a fundamental right for authors of visual arts: it consists of a small percentage of the resale price of an artist’s work that is paid by art market professionals at each resale.

Although the European Commission already promotes visual artists’ resale right in its bilateral relations, it is yet to take the issue to a multilateral level.

Following positive responses by WIPO member states to the resale right campaign to make the right a mandatory law, the next Standing Committee on Copyright (SCCR) on 16 April will include the topic of resale right. This would be the right time for the European Commission to support a multilateral approach to visual artists’ resale right.

More information on resale right here.

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