Finns give authors’ societies the thumbs up!

survey has revealed that Finns are ever-more supportive of authors’ societies, viewing them as essential to both Finnish culture and to authors themselves.

Here are a few of the survey’s highlights:


  • About 75% of Finns believe authors’ societies are both essential and working for a good cause.
  • Close to 80% of Finns agree that authors and musicians should be paid when their work is downloaded from the Internet, and even more – 82% – think that copyright royalties are essential for creators to persist in their creative endeavours.
  • Nearly 80% of those questioned think copyright royalties positively benefit Finnish culture.

Another positive insight from the survey – an overwhelming majority of Finns know Internet piracy is illegal. And only a small fraction, just 14%, think downloading illegal files is acceptable.

The survey was commissioned by LYHTY, Finland’s broadest association representing domestic artists, authors, and the content production industry. LYHTY is comprised of 14 organisations, one of which is Teosto – the Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society representing some two million right holders around the world.