France Créative releases 2nd Economic overview of Culture & Creation in France

Last week, EY (the former Ernst & Young) came out with an update of its analysis of the creative and cultural industries (CCIs) in France. Supported by the 19 CCI organisations of the France Créative Alliance and looking into 10 separate sectors, EY updated its previous study released in 2013 with new numbers, revealing the current state of play in France.

The study shows that French CCIs have experienced a consistent growth (1.2% between 2010 and 2013), exceeding that of the rest of the French economy (0.9% for the same time period. CCI count some 1.3 million jobs; double the car industry’s employment numbers, and 8 times that of the chemical industry.


The digital markets, although experiencing massive growth, are far from compensating the loss of revenues from more traditional sources. When adding to that the consistent decrease in public support (1.6% per year between 2010 and 2103), it is no wonder the study has been named “creation under tension”.

The France Créative Alliance has taken it upon itself to remind us that “culture and creation are an opportunity for our country and all others. This study illustrates the necessity to support our sectors in order to confirm and develop their social and economic potential.”

The study (in French) can be downloaded at and at

You can find the press release (in English) here.