GESAC welcomes the political agreement on Broadcasting Directive

Brussels – 13 December 2018 – GESAC welcomes the political agreement reached this morning at the trialogue meeting on the Broadcasting Directive (also known as the SatCab file).


We congratulate all the negotiators of this file for the dedication they have shown throughout the process, and concluding with the agreement today. This legislation will serve to improve the functioning of the European digital market while appropriately protecting the rights of creators. It is their wroks that are the main source of broadcast programmes transmitted and retransmitted in a plethora of new ways over networks and across Europe.

The creative community is particularly thankful to those MEPs, and the Member States who fought hard to reflect the legitimate interests of authors from all sectors to be fairly remunerated when their works are used through so-called direct injection and over new types of retransmission platforms.

GESAC looks forward to working with the EU institutions and national governments for the completion of the technical aspects of the directive and its implementation in the Member States.