Online Art made Easy

In the online world, compelling and high-quality visuals are essential for standing out and getting noticed. Featuring a dazzling Kandinsky or a chilling Munch portrait can make all the difference to a website, for example, ensuring a memorable and high-quality project that captures peoples’ imagination time and time again.

Increasingly, commercial enterprises like advertising agencies are catching on to the value of using fine art in their online projects and campaigns – taking a leaf out of the books of museums, libraries and schools that have been using masterpieces in their web projects to great success for some time.

As varied as the users of online art may be, they have one important need: peace of mind that they’re using works of art legally and in an equitable way – they don’t want to see the creators of the works they enjoy short-changed by their actions.

After all, creators (and their estates) rely on – and are legally and morally entitled to – fair payment for the works they produce. In fact, works of art are protected by law for the entire life of their creators, plus 70 years following their death.

OnLine Art, a one-stop-shop offering worldwide licenses to some 40 000 users of fine art, marries the interests of creators and users. With the expertise to provide rights packages tailored to each and every online project, they take the worry out of what could be a big logistical headache for users; and make sure creators receive payment for the works they produce.

‘Online art’ represents painters, artistic photographers and sculptors to name a few – so they’re bound to have a few of your favourite artists on their books! The organisation was founded in spring 2002 by eight visual arts author societies: seven located in Europe and one in the United States. Today, the organisation counts 16 members and its network continues to grow!

Initiatives like ‘Online Art’ have an important role to play in ensuring harmony between progress and innovation and the promotion of cultural diversity.

Marie-Anne Ferry-Fall, Director General of ADAGP – the Society of Authors of Graphic and Plastic arts says “Online Art was founded to enable the provision of  license for digital uses in  transparent and equal conditions and show, through its efficiency, that the respect of authors’ rights is not incompatible with the needs of  information society. Via the licenses offered by Online Art, sites listing works of art (Artprice, Artnet, Artvalue …) so valuable to the art market can deliver hundreds of thousands of images of works.