A major achievement for Europe: GESAC welcomes the final adoption of the Copyright Directive

Brussels, 15 April 2019 – The European Council of Ministers decided to formally adopt the Copyright Directive today. The adoption follows on from the European Parliament’s positive vote on 26 March. The EU institutions have aligned to stand-up against free-riding tech giants’ manipulation and properly regulate their use of creative content. The new Directive will bring an end to the current unfairness in the market and empower creators.


GESAC General Manager Véronique Desbrosses says: “This is a major achievement for European creators and their future in the digital environment. It is also a strong and encouraging message from the EU institutions, showing that they will not give in to the aggressive and irresponsible behaviour undertaken by the tech giants to intimidate politicians and to manipulate public opinion with scaremongering, astroturfing and misinformation spread on their own platforms.”

She adds: “The new Copyright Directive is a win-win policy achievement. It ensures fair payment for creators, provides broader protection for consumers, favours start-ups and brings about a level playing field for small businesses. We thank all Member States that have worked fiercely to adopt this legislation from the very beginning and also all those who adopted it today. European creators are proud of you for securing their future!”

GESAC also welcomes the adoption of the Broadcasting Directive today. Véronique Desbrosses says: “This Directive lays down sound rules to ensure creators’ remuneration and development of a broadcasting market that is constantly evolving.”