Reactions to the adoption of the Collective Management of Rights Directive

We’ve posted already some information about the agreement on the Collective Management Directive that was reached this week (see here and here). We thought we would also share some of the comments that have been made on the agreement.

European Commission

Commissioner Barnier welcomes the agreement (see here), which he says will bring greater transparency and more accurate and efficient management of rights:

According to Mr. Barnier:

“Rightholders will be more involved in the decision-making process of their collective management organisation, whereas collective management organisations will be strengthened in their capacity to represent authors, performers or producers in all Member States in view of efficient rights management across the single market”

“This Directive is a key step towards the completion of the Digital Single Market, which had led the European Council to call for accelerated work in view of finalising the negotiations. Constructive discussions in the Parliament and in the Council have led to a very good negotiation result”

Lithuanian Presidency of the European Council

The Lithuanian Presidency is satisfied with the text (see here). The Lithuanian Culture Minister, Mr. Šarūnas Birutis, noted:

“The agreement reached today and the provisions of this Directive address the interests of the rightholders and the needs of the consumers in the EU. Well-balanced regulatory approach will bring more transparency and efficiency for the activities of the collective management organisations. And the improved system of obtaining multi-territorial licences for authors’ rights in musical works will be one of the important factors contributing to the European Single Market for online music services. This will also allow consumers in the EU to enjoy the widest possible access to diverse musical repertoires.”

EPP group in the European Parliament

Marielle Gallo MEP welcomes the agreement on CRM (see here)

S&D group in the European Parliament

In the S&D group press release (see here), Françoise Castex MEP, negotiator for the S&D Group, said:

“We have reached a fairly balanced text, which confirms the non-profit status of collective management companies and promotes more transparency and better governance on copyright management.”


An article in French (see heresays that the principles voted in the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs committee have stood in the final text. This is the case, for example, of the active participation of creators in the governance and control of activities. Amongst the new provisions:

  • Author societies will have to remunerate artists within 9 months following the end of the financial year.
  • Artists will be able to choose their collecting societies and to have a proxy vote in general assemblies.