Sacem : everything you ever wanted to know…

Sacem is a renowned authors’ licensing and collecting society – number 1 in France and number 2 in the world in terms of membership numbers. Yet its role and the way it works are often misunderstood. Popular beliefs, even misconceptions abound.

Rightly or wrongly, Sacem was criticized in the past for its lack of transparency. A year after the arrival of its new CEO and a new direction organisation, the Board President, Laurent Petitgirard and its CEO Jean-Noël Tronc, answered as many questions as possible raised by journalists on SACEM, a society at the heart of creation and cultural industries.

For transparency and education purposes the website now has a new “Answers to FAQs” section providing accurate answers and explanations to all your questions: general (history, governance, collective management, copyright…) and practical:

Who and what is Sacem ?
Sacem and you, practicalities !
No to the stereotypes ?
 Sacem for dummies.

FAQs Abstract :
It’s SACEM’s fault that CDs are so expensive. FALSE!

Authors’ rights account for 9% of the pre-tax wholesale price of a CD, i.e. approximately 7% of the tax-inclusive sales price. This sum is used to remunerate the work of the authors, composers and publishers of the music copied onto it. The two morals of this story are:

– without authors and composers, CDs would not exist;

– creators see nothing of the remaining 93%.
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