Statement on the passing of European Parliament President David Sassoli

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli on 11 January.

President Sassoli has been an untiring advocate for culture, which he considered an essential element of the European project.

“Culture is vital for the cohesion of our societies our democracies and our economies,” he said speaking at GESAC’s event as recently as December 8.  “It is the mirror of our European diversity, it constitutes our values, it tells our story it is an essential part of our lives and as such, we must sustain it,” he said. In a Europe severely affected by the pandemic, he called for massive support of culture and the cultural industries. 

His solidarity on issues affecting the creative sector has been profound and his political and personal support for creators was decisive in many policy and legislative debates.  He participated in many of GESAC’s events and for that we are grateful. The community of creators owe a lot to President Sassoli and will always remember him as a key leader, who worked to make Europe a better and more democratic place for all.

Video : President Sassoli speaking on ‘’Rebuilding Europe with Culture’’ at minute 10’ here –

President Sassoli