The Commission’s DSMS Communication – GESAC’s point of view

The Commission adopted its Communication on the Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe today. GESAC, which gathers 34 authors’ societies from across Europe and represents more than one million authors and rights holders, welcomes the intention of the Commission to clarify the conditions for the use of copyright protected works by online intermediaries within the forthcoming legislative initiative on copyright. As noted in the Communication, this is particularly important considering intermediaries’ growing involvement in content distribution and the need to safeguard fair remuneration for creators in order to encourage future generations of content.

Today, creators receive very low or no remuneration from the biggest usage of their works on Internet. This is because the biggest and most popular online platforms/services deny that they undertake copyright relevant acts and then hide behind “safe-harbours” to avoid appropriate remuneration and consent of creators under copyright law. This situation severely penalises authors and rights holders and thus puts the future and sustainability of the entire creative ecosystem at risk: and ecosystem that happens to be one of the main contributors to the overall EU economy. It also discourages legitimate online businesses that provide the same or similar services while clearing relevant rights and trying to be part of a strong European digital market.

GESAC’s General Manager, Véronique Desbrosses said the following: “Authors are at the heart of the value chain of the cultural and creative industry, which provides 7.1 millions jobs, and could provide even more with appropriate policies in place. On the other hand, the online services describing themselves as mere intermediaries do not play fairly and do not remunerate creation as they should. This has to be fixed urgently in the EU copyright law”.


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