TONO celebrates 85 years



(Oslo, November 28, 2013) For Norwegian composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers, 27 November 2013 is a day to celebrate. On that date exactly 85 years ago, TONO saw the light of day.

Norway’s Minister of Culture, Thorhild Widvey, congratulates TONO:

“TONO has been invaluable to Norwegian composers, lyricists and music publishers throughout its 85-year existence. TONO facilitates the use of music in Norwegian society, and ensures that the content owners are rightfully compensated for the use of their work. In this way, TONO has encouraged an ever-growing fund of new music to be created for the enjoyment of society at large. I congratulate TONO, all Norwegian music creators and the Norwegian people on TONO’s 85th anniversary,” she said.

More than 24,000 Norwegian music writers
As of November 2013, more than 24,000 Norwegian music writers are part of TONO.

“Today, TONO is in many ways a popular movement of composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers in Norway. What they all have in common is a strong commitment to expressing themselves through music and lyrics, and to enriching the lives of others with what they have in their hearts,” said TONO’s CEO, Cato Strøm.

Looking ahead

TONO is currently a leading performing rights organization, with a solid and integrated organisation, excellent international relations, a large membership and customer base. It is also an active partner for music providers on the internet, which is where music consumption is increasingly taking place.
“In our 85th year in existence, I am pleased to say that TONO is one of the performing rights organizations in Europe that have succeeded in adapting to the challenges thrown at us by today’s digital age. It could not have happened without skilled employees, and the dedicated representatives of composers, lyricists and music publishers. I would also like to mention the importance of Nordic cooperation. By working together we have developed “state of the art” systems that enable effective rights management across national borders,” he said.

For further information:
Cato Strøm, CEO of TONO, email:, mobile: +47 922 16 319
Willy Martinsen, communications director, email:, mobile: +47 909 65 254

About TONO:
TONO is a non-profit cooperative, founded in 1928, owned and controlled by its members: composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers. TONO manages performance rights for musical works in Norway and collects fees for their public performance. TONO currently represents approximately 24,000 Norwegian composers, lyricists and music publishers. Through reciprocal representation agreements with similar companies in other countries, TONO in practice manages the worldwide repertoire. TONO had revenues in 2012 of NOK 436 million. As a non-profit entity, TONO’s profits are passed on to content owners for the performance of their work. In 2012 this amounted to NOK 370.5 million. TONO thereby facilitates the use of music in society, while TONO members are provided with a basis for creating new musical works.


Facts about TONO:

•      Non-profit cooperative organisation owned and controlled by composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers.

•      Established on Tuesday, 27 November  1928 under the name ” Norsk Komponistforenings internasjonale musikkbyrå (Norwegian Society of Composers’ International Music Agency) – TONO”.

•      TONO means “I resound” in Latin, but is also an abbreviation for “Norwegian Tone Poets,” with the letters rearranged.

•      Through its subsidiary NCB, TONO also licenses the publishing of musical works on physical formats (CD, DVD, Vinyl).

•      It bestows the Edward and TONO prize every year.

•      Today, 24,000 Norwegians are a part of TONO, which also represents the rights of approximately 2.5 million foreign rights holders.

  • As of 27 November  2013, TONO’s databases contain nearly 500 000 musical works for which at least one TONO music creator is the rights holder.
  • In 2012, 23,000 new musical works were registered with TONO.

TONO’s administration has a staff of 68 employees and is headquartered at Grønland in Oslo