What’s SGAE up to this summer?

Festivals and cultural activities have become synonymous with the summer months. Author societies across Europe support these, and SGAE – the Spanish collective rights management society – is no exception. Getting involved in cultural events is an important element of how societies promote cultural diversity where they are based.

SGAE is enjoying a busy few months before autumn approaches. Here’s just a few of their cultural highlights:

E.S.O es música awards!

A spritely 17-year-old called Johnny Chart just won 1, 500 euros to spend on music material for his catchy tune, Come Back Rock & Roll. Johnny won this year’s edition of the E.S.O es música awards.

SGAE worked with the Spanish city councils and 40 Café to organise the event.


Festival of University Theatre and Scenic arts Schools

Together with Anima Eskola, SGAE presented the Festival of the University Theatre of Bilbao from July 10 -15. For local theatre fans, the festival was a unique opportunity to discover new and emerging talents. And of course – it gave young stars the chance to shine.


Film documentary workshop

From 2 – 13 July the journalist, script-writer and film director Eduardo Guillot hosted a workshop on documentary film, offering budding documentary producers the chance to pick his brains about what it takes to make a compelling documentary.


You can read more about how author societies promote cultural diversity here.