Statement of solidarity with Ukraine

GESAC stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, their creators and cultural sector.

At the frontiers of the European Union, a common area of freedom, democracy and peace, the Ukrainian population is being subjected to violent and deadly attacks, and Ukraine, an independent country internationally recognized as such, is being unjustifiably and massively invaded by the Russian army. The entire world is immensely shocked, particularly the European continent.

We, as a European organisation representing creators in all artistic fields, such as music, audiovisual, visual arts, literacy, etc. would like to express our full support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and with their artists, creators, and cultural sector.

Culture and artistic creation are as indispensable as the air that we breathe. They constitute the symbol of hope and human rights, access to beauty, an expression of our freedom —  the very cement that fosters our sense of belonging to humanity.

War in Ukraine is bringing darkness, destruction, despair, devastation, misery, affliction, and tragedy. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian population, who though victims are standing defiantly in this unthinkable and horrifying situation.

We are standing on your side in these dreadful moments and are ready to provide full support.

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