The Copyright Directive

In April 2019, the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market was formally adopted, a change that will positively transform authors’ rights throughout the EU. Each member state now has until 7 June 2021 to transpose the Directive into their respective national law.

This reform is an opportunity to address pressing issues for authors in the Digital Single Market  and will promote the growth of Europe’s creative and cultural industries (CCIs) – a major driver of Europe’s economy.

One of the biggest achievements of this new piece of legislation was to address the
Transfer of Value’ problem, a priority issue for all European creators.

Below are some of the Directive’s key areas that will affect creators and those who profit from their work.

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Text and data mining

Article 3
A mandatory text and data mining exception for researchers and universities for their scientific research and non-commercial activities

Article 4
A general text and data mining exception, including for commercial purposes, where the content is lawfully and publicly accessible for such a purpose

Use of works for teaching online

Cultural heritage organisations

Extended collective licensing for wider access

A new right for press publishers and possibility of journalists to benefit from that

Fixing the Transfer of Value/Value Gap in online market

Contractual guarantees for creators and performers