Adoption by the COREPER of a General Approach on the Copyright Directive – 25th May 2018

The Council discussions have been long and at times quite difficult on many different issues. GESAC respectfully acknowledges all the efforts of those Member States that have tried to keep the main objective of this legislative initiative, that is to provide a better position for creators and the creative sector vis-à-vis the giant platforms. Such platform services grow at the expense of creators by knowingly and ruthlessly benefitting from the vagueness of the current law as regards their copyright-relevant acts.


The adoption of a General Approach by the Council marks an important step in the process. GESAC believes that there is still a lot to address in the text despite the improvements made up until the last minute and looks forward to collaborating with all EU institutions to achieve a final result to end the current unfairness in the digital market created by those free-riding platforms.

Creators from across the EU and beyond call on EU policy makers to fix the “Transfer of Value/Value Gap” for a fair and sustainable digital market where European innovative businesses grow hand in hand with cultural and creative industries – which is one of Europe’s biggest economic forces – to offer diverse and high quality creative works and services for all our citizens to enjoy.