Amended Creative Europe Programme voted in by sweeping majority in the European Parliament

We’re delighted that the European Parliament’s Culture and Education Committee has voted in – with near unanimity – a revised Report on the Creative Europe Programme. European Peoples’ Party Spokesman for the dossier Jean-Marie Cavada says he is confident that, in its current form, the report can now address the common challenges that the cultural and audiovisual sectors face.

Creative Europe – promoting economic growth, employment, innovation and social cohesion

The cultural and creative sectors hold untapped potential for economic growth and jobs – not to mention creative diversity – in Europe. The Creative Europe funding Programme will endeavour to ensure that these sectors can seize the opportunities that the digital age offers them. It is worth €1.8 billion, and is set to apply from 2014 through to 2020.

Improvements to the original text

The Commission published the first draft of the report in November 2011. Concerned that the original text was too vague and ‘purely economic’ Jean-Marie Cavada worked hard with the dossier’s rapporteur to amend it to suit the needs of the culture and media professionals at the heart of Europe’s creativity. The new text includes the following revisions:

  • The two MEDIA and CULTURE Programmes will be kept apart, with specific targets for each programme;
  • The part on culture in the programme  has been made more specific to enhance clarity;
  • Certain points on the guarantee fund have been improved to make it fairer.

Potential gains

According to the Commission, once up-and-running the Creative Europe Programme will provide funding for:

  • 300 000 artists and cultural professionals and their works
  • More than 1 000 European films
  • 2 500 European cinemas
  • More than 5 500 books and other literary works

Commenting, Jean-Marie Cavada said “With this vote, the proposal has gained the coherence it lacked.”

We’re delighted with the efforts made by the European Parliament on the dossier, and look forward to seeing cultural professionals enjoy the fruits of their labours in the years to come!