Authors’ societies at the cultural heart of Europe

Wherever they are based, authors’ societies are at the heart of the action – and the cultural life of their community.

Here are just a couple of examples of the cultural activities that authors’ societies are engaging with now.

In the UK, the long-awaited Jubilee weekend has finally arrived. To help celebrations go off with a bang PRS for Music, the London-based organisation that licenses the public use of music, has just announced that it will cut music license charges for street parties and other non-profit community events taking place over the long weekend.

Similarly, Sacem – a French authors’ society representing some 137 000 creators – is taking part in the prestigious Cannes festival. They’ll be there in force with their partners to back a campaign promoting composers and film music – “Talents Cannes”. If you’re at the festival, make sure you pass by the Pavillon Cannes Soundtrack – a space dedicated to film music – to meet the composers bringing the films you love to life.