“Blue and yellow are the colours of a destiny”

Among other initiatives to help Ukraine, GESAC Portuguese member, SPAutores, has published a song “Azul e Amarelo. O Destino”, meaning “Blue and Yellow. The Destiny”.

The lyrics of the song were originally written by José Jorge Letria, Portuguese poet, composer, CEO of SPAutores and GESAC Board Member, whilst Carlos Mendes, Portugues singer, actor, and composer, composed the music, and well-known Portuguese artists are the ones performing it – Amélia Muge, António Manuel Ribeiro, Carlos Mendes, Mafalda Veiga, Paulo de Carvalho, Rita Redshoes, Tozé Brito, Vitorino Salomé and Viviane. The song is available on SPAutores website and on online platform.

The royalties of the song will go to help Ukraine.

“Blue and yellow are the colours of a destiny shaped like a flag and the courage of a hymn”


Spa Action