CCI worldwide account for 29.5 million jobs & US$2 250 bn in revenues

EY (formerly Ernst & Young) published its study on Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) worldwide today. The study was presented jointly in Paris by EY, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), and UNESCO.

The study shows that CCI worldwide in 2013 accounted for US$2,250 billion in revenues and 29.5 million jobs. CCI also drive the digital economy, with creative content contributing US$200 billion to global digital sales

Backed by these numbers, CISAC calls for:

  • a better promotion of authors’ rights, securing fair remuneration for creators;
  • improving online monetisation by rebalancing the current transfer of value in the digital economy;
  • nurturing talent to to ensure the creative community remains an engine of innovation for more sustainable development.
  • Download the study and read the executive summary, the key figures and the press release at