Copyright package: Europe’s first step to end tech giant free riding

Brussels, 14/09/2016 – Today, the Commission released its “copyright package”. Despite requiring further steps, this proposal sends the signal to platform services that they too must play by the rules so that further distortion of the Digital Single Market for creative content can be stopped.

Transfer of value

Platform services are currently making large profits thanks to the cultural and creative works that they provide access to. Little or none of these profits find their way to the creators of the works. This transfer of value seriously harms creators, puts European cultural creativity and diversity at risk, and creates a competitive disadvantage for legitimate businesses.

Christophe Depreter, President of GESAC said that “creators’ freedom of expression can only exist if there is a freedom to create and to be remunerated fairly. It is therefore crucial to have clear rules on legally making creative works available on platforms, in order to allow consumers to freely enjoy works while respecting their integrity and value.”

GESAC General Manager Véronique Desbrosses added: “we look forward to working with the EU institutions to further build on the Commission’s encouraging proposal. I am confident that most of us can agree that we are looking to obtain a more level playing field for platforms and innovators, a flourishing creative sector, and more diversity and accessibility for consumers. This is a message that was echoed this summer by over 22.000 creators from all artistic fields in a letter to the Commission. We trust MEPs and Member States will heed this message and aim for this common goal.”


GESAC believes that the Commission’s acknowledgment that the Panorama exception does not require further EU intervention is the best way forward on the matter.

Collective management

GESAC also notes that the copyright package recognises collective management as an efficient and successful solution for wider access to creative content for the general public.

Read the full press release here.