Denmark: Broad support for joint action for a legal and safe Internet in the field of copyright

Press Release of the Danish Ministry of Culture:

Trade associations, companies and rights holders have agreed upon an important code of conduct today. It will make it easier for users on the internet to find and use creative products. It will also create a better framework for companies to develop good services.

The declaration of intent is a specific result of the Danish Ministry of Culture’s Dialogue Forum and it is essential in a future collaborative way of solving the challenges of digitalisation as the companies and organisations behind it come from all corners of the internet’s value chain. Behind the declaration is thus among others ISPs, payment services, rights holders, search engines and trade associations.

The parties in the code have agreed upon the following principles:

  • to contribute to make the Internet a safe and legitimate platform for consumers and businesses
  • to emphasise that copyright is an important foundation stone for growth and innovation
  • to collaborate to reduce financial crime, based on copyright infringement
  • to collaborate in promoting the spread of legal products
  • to contribute to efficient processes that can help to limit copyright infringement and crime associated therewith

Moreover a number of working groups are established, which will map out existing voluntary measures as well as look at the possibilities of launching new initiatives in different areas.

The minister for culture Marianne Jelved says: “The Dialogue Forum is a fine example of how we in Denmark are able to coorporate in finding good solutions to difficult challenges.

The Internet should be a safe and legal place to roam. We must bring together all good powers around this. I am therefore pleased with having some of the country’s most important players agree on this code of conduct, which shows that we work together in shouldering the task. I am also satisfied with having the work continue in the established working groups, which I look forward to follow.

About Dialogue Forum: Dialogue Forum is one of eight initiatives in the Copyright Package, which was published by the government 20 June 2012. In the Dialogue Forum, companies, trade associations and authorities have during autumn 2014 and spring 2015 discussed how to limit the supply of illegal services with creative content through voluntary measures by, among other things, emphasizing the many legal services or by helping each other curb the illegal services.