GESAC welcomes the European Parliament’s focus on Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI)

Strasbourg 13/12/2016 – Today, the report on a “coherent EU policy for cultural and creative industries” drafted jointly by MEPs Christian Ehler (Germany, EPP) and Luigi Morgano (Italy, S&D) was approved in plenary. GESAC welcomes the recognition by the European Parliament that CCI, which comprises architecture, visual arts, music, books, newspapers, music, performing arts, TV, film, radio, etc., are key to the EU economy and that this European creativity requires safeguarding.

Culture and creativity are not only an essential part of the European identity, but also a key driver for jobs and growth. This report from the European Parliament rightly underlines the need for a strong policy to develop the potential of this sector, which has shown resilience to economic downturn that should serve as an example. In 2014, an EY Study on 11 market segments of CCI* showed impressive figures and demonstrated that they were swimming against the tide of the economic crisis, with for example the music sector alone accounting for 1 million jobs, which is similar to telecommunications.

Véronique Desbrosses, General Manager of GESAC said: “With the exceptional leadership of the CCI Intergroup, co-chaired by MEPs Pervenche Berès and Christian Ehler, and with this report, the importance of CCI is now clearly recognized at the highest instances of European democracy, making the sector’s key role in European employment and the EU economy an integral part of the EU’s vision for the future. The European Parliament also rightly points out the importance of author’s right and copyright in the ecosystem of CCI, and the value of cultural and creative works in the digital environment.”

The report on innovation in CCI accurately argues that the largest threat to creators and to CCI as a whole today is the transfer of value taking place from creators and rights holders to large Internet platforms. On this matter, MEP Christian Ehler said “The value of cultural and creative works has been diverted away from the users, rights holders, artists and producers. The transfer of value has created an inefficient and unfair market, and threatens the long-term health of the EU’s cultural and creative sectors and the success of the Digital Single Market.”

Internet platforms represent about €22 billion in revenues in Europe, 63% of which is generated through cultural content**. When creators are not taken into account and fairly remunerated—as is currently the case—in this value chain that relies on creative content, not only are creators severely harmed, but legitimate businesses find themselves facing unfair competition.

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* Creating Growth: Measuring Cultural and Creative Markets in the EU, EY 2014 (full report here)

** Cultural Content in the Online Environment: Analyzing the Value Transfer in Europe, Roland Berger 2015 (full report here)