GESAC’s Key Figures for 2013

In an effort to emphasise our transparency and debunk some long-persisting myths about the way authors’ societies work, we started collecting information from our member societies in order to have an unprecedented set of aggregated key figures on our functioning.

Just a few highlights:

–          GESAC counted more than 1 million rights holders

–          €5.1 billion in royalties were collected throughout the globe

–          Over half a million creators and other rights holders received royalties

The survey also showed that our 34 member societies attract thousands of new members every year: ample proof that collective management is still the most relevant way of ensuring fair remuneration for authors, legal certainty for repertoire users and an easy and wide-ranging access to works for fans and consumers.

We are excited for this report to contribute to a better understanding of collective management. A new and improved edition is already in the pipeline for the 2014 figures.

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*these are updated figures following a complete review of the scope of the study at the end of 2015.