In support of World Intellectual Property Day

‘A visionary artist or a composer or a writer is able to show us a different way of looking at the world.’These are the words of Francis Gerry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, speaking on World Intellectual Property (IP) Day that took place last week.

World Intellectual Property Day launched in 2000. Its aim is to heighten understanding about the value of intellectual property rights – not just for those who enjoy them, but for society at large. Legal safeguards for the intangible assets of creators ensure their interests continue to be served in today’s consumer-focused and innovation-rich environment.  They ensure the moral and legal integrity of creators, and their right to be remunerated fairly for their efforts.

Without these rights creators, and thus creativity, would struggle to survive. Ultimately, this would impact us all. After all, with no one left to show us the different way of looking at the world, it would quickly start to seem a pretty monochrome and lifeless place.

Authors’ societies are on the front line of protecting creators’ rights and therefore dedicated supporters of World Intellectual Property Day.

In Latvia, the authors’ society AKKA/LAA – representing four thousand Latvian authors and over four million foreign authors – grabbed the opportunities of World IP Day with both hands, organising a one-week festival of events to celebrate the day.

The AKKA/LAA team ran a series of seminars for performing arts, theatre and photography students. Participants were given practical tips on copyright issues to take into account when organising a cultural event, like the importance of obtaining a user license for a play in preparation of an amateur dramatic production for example.

Participants were also given a clear overview of how authors’ societies work – and the benefits they bring to their active members.

For AKKA/LAA, these seminars – now up-and-running for some eight years – are crucial for establishing good habits in the performers, directors, photographers and writers of the future.

Intellectual Property Day is always a welcome reminder of the contribution creativity makes to our everyday lives, and the importance of making sure society’s intangible assets are protected by concrete laws.

PHOTO: AKKA-LAA staff and students during a seminar on World Intellectual Property Day.