Koda publishes 2015 annual report

Our Danish member Koda published its annual report for 2015 today, which showed a record breaking distribution of royalties for rights holders abroad at 53 million euros. Koda also kept its administrative costs low at 9.1% for 2015. Look up all the numbers here.

The report also details the issue of some platform services making money from cultural content with little to no remuneration for creators, or what is commonly called “transfer of value”. Koda CEO Anders Lassen said that addressing this issue was “not about being contrary or wanting to sabotage global successes. Rather, we try to convince the huge online services that distributing some of the money they make to the people who create content for their services is in their own best interest.” He added to this that “the way things are now, consumers can get content straight from YouTube and others without paying. This is very distorting to competition and puts great pressure on large subscription services such as Spotify and Netflix.”

  • Read Koda’s view on transfer of value here.
  • Read Koda’s full report here.