Landslide vote on Copyright Directive in European Parliament in a clear show of independence from tech giants

Strasbourg, 12 September – Today, the European Parliament rose to the occasion and voted in favour of a Copyright Directive by more than 200 votes. The Directive will at last provide the tools to ensure the fair remuneration that creators have been asking for. GESAC, the European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers, wishes to thank the many MEPs who have worked tirelessly these past months and years, fighting disinformation, and not bowing down to the enormous pressure exerted by a campaign led by tech giants, and defined by foul play and astroturfing.

The Directive now moves to trialogue and GESAC is confident that this process will lead to a positive result and that this will put a definitive end to the transfer of value that has defined the relationship between culture and tech giants these past years.

Anders Lassen, President of GESAC said: “today is a victory for Europe and its independence from a few tech giants who have profited off outdated legislation to further consolidate unhealthy dominance and to siphon value out of Europe and its creators.”

Véronique Desbrosses, General Manager of GESAC said: “This is a great political victory for authors, for culture, and for European democracy. The European Parliament has chosen to adopt a balanced legislation that will benefit European citizens, businesses, creators, and Europe as a whole.”


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