Positive voting result on Broadcasting/SatCab in Plenary today

GESAC welcomes the result of the vote that was held today in plenary on the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) report on the Broadcasting Regulation (also referred to as SatCab). The work of the different Committees in charge of drafting the opinions and report on the Regulation was further validated by this Plenary vote. It gives the Legal Affairs Committee the mandate to start negotiations with the Council and the Commission on the Regulation, thereby signalling the Parliament’s willingness to take the concerns of European creators seriously and act accordingly.


The procedure of drafting compromise amendments, the JURI Committee vote, followed by the Plenary vote, proved to be a tense and uneasy period. The strong commitment shown by ALDE shadow MEP Jean-Marie Cavada in favour of creators’ interests and the much appreciated determination of the entire EPP Group (led by their shadow MEP Angelika Niebler) have certainly played a decisive role during this process. We wish to congratulate all MEPs who worked on and contributed to this file for their support.

Although this vote mainly played out on the principle of “country of origin” and to what extent it would be widened for online services, other issues addressed in the Report approved today, such as direct injection and the retransmission regime remain of utmost importance to authors. We are optimistic that the Council will follow in this path ahead of the negotiations at its next meeting on 15 December. We look forward to working constructively with all EU institutions involved for the final version of this key legislative text for creators and the creative industries.

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