PRESS RELEASE: GESAC announced the winners of the last three ALAI European Author’s Right Award at the Annual ALAI Congress

GESAC has issued a press release on today’s ALAI European Authors’ Right Award Ceremony.

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Estoril, Portugal, 15 September 2022 – GESAC is proud to announce that the winners of the ALAI European Author’s Right Award have received their prizes at an outstanding ceremony held as part of the ALAI Congress in Estoril, Portugal. The ALAI European Author’s Right Award, supported by GESAC, is granted annually to the most eminent essay on authors’ right with a European dimension, in a competition participated by young academics from around the world.

After two years of being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the winners of the last three editions of the award were celebrated at the Hotel Palacio Estoril, with the participation of ALAI Congress attendees.

Andrée Glancia Madinda, winner of the 2022 edition, Seun Lari-Williams, winner of the 2021 edition, and Thomas Verborgh, winner of the 2020 edition, chosen by an international jury, were presented by two eminent members of the Jury: Raquel Xalabarder Plantada, Director of the Law and Political Science Department at the UOC Open University of Catalonia and Caroline Bonin, Director of Legal Affairs of Sacem. The evening began with speeches by Frank Gotzen, President of ALAI, and GESAC’s General Manager Veronique Desbrosses.

The ALAI European Authors’ Right Award supported by GESAC has been launched to inspire the next generation of Intellectual Property experts. The ALAI Award has had four previous editions, and each one received a broad response from several countries. The fifth edition was also announced, and students interested in the field are encouraged to apply!

GESAC’s General Manager Véronique Desbrosses commented: “With this project, our objective as GESAC is to help make authors’ right an appealing, vibrant, and inspiring discipline for the new generation of IP experts. We trust in the authoritative academic knowledge represented within the ALAI community, and count on the future IP experts, to continue to passionately contribute to the creation of a positive legal environment for artistic creation and cultural diversity.

The Award Ceremony also featured two musical performances: Júlio Pereira, a musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, and of Carlos Mendes, a singer and composer, who performed the Ukraine-supporting song “Azul e Amarelo. O Destino”, which translates to “Blue and Yellow. The destiny”, lyrics by José Jorge Letria. The musicians performed thanks to the kind initiative of SPA, the Portuguese authors’ society and a member of GESAC.

Full list of the ALAI European Authors’ Right Award 2020, 2021, and 2022 winners:

2022 ALAI European Authors’ Right Award winner: Andrée Glancia Madinda for her essay “The text and data mining exception in the Directive on copyright in the digital single market: a stormy outlook for author’s rights
2021 ALAI European Authors’ Right Award winner: Seun Lari-Williams for his essay “Bridging the Value Gap Between Content Creators and Digital Media Platforms: A Case Study of YouTube”.
2020 ALAI European Authors’ Right Award winner: Thomas Verborgh for his essay titled “Multi-territorial licensing of rights in music for online use and early evaluation

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