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Creators for Europe Campaign – UPDATE 

The petition will be closed on June 1st and be delivered to the European Commission.

European Commission is currently analysing the answers to its consultation on copyright and drafting a White Paper intending to give guidelines on the future policy of the EU on this crucial matter for creators.

An online campaign open to all cultural and creative sectors to make our voices better heard in this process was launched at the end of January by ECSA with support of GESAC. As of today the petition has been signed by more than 29 000 people from more than 22 countries  and from more than 9 different cultural sectors.

The petition is still online and active until 1st June andwe kindly invite all of you to sign the petition and to spread this campaign further

The initiative will end on 1 June and ECSA would then communicate the result of the campaign to the European Commission.

Your involvement is key for the success of the campaign and for the future of creators and cultural and creative industries in Europe.