Update – What cultural and creative industries bring to France – the economic analysis is now available also in English

A couple of months ago, we talked about a new study on the economic impact of the cultural and creative sector to the French economy. The study, which was available only in French, can be found now also in English at the links below:



For a recap, here are the most striking facts we have spotted in the study:

  • Cultural and creative industries employ 1.2 million people in France, which is 5% of the country’s job market. What’s more, most of these jobs cannot be moved offshore.
  • The annual revenue of the sector (€61,4bn) exceeds that of the automobile industry (€60,4bn) and of the luxury goods industry (€52,5bn). It is almost equivalent to the revenue generated by the telecommunications industry (€66,2bn) and the revenue of the chemical sector (€68,7bn).
  • The French cultural and creative sector has produced European and international champions: the n° 1 music production company in the world (Universal Music Group); two of the international leaders in web-based streaming services: audio (Deezer), and video (Dailymotion); the 2nd largest publishing group worldwide (Hachette), and the 3rd largest video game publisher (Ubisoft).