YouTube refuses fair pay, removes all Danish music

Google has decided unilaterally to remove from all Danish music from YouTube!

The reprehensible decision, which penalises Danish creators and music fans, comes in the middle of negotiations between the giant platform and Nordic authors societies, and after YouTube’s parent company said payments provided to composers and songwriters must be reduced by almost 70% for an extension of the existing agreement with GESAC member Koda.

The full KODA press release can be read here.

This is not the first time YouTube has tried to leverage its market dominance, and it’s another example of the tech giant’s free-riding approach in the market. YouTube is aggressively trying to avoid having to pay creators fairly for their work.

GESAC has been fighting for a clarification in laws over their obligations regarding authors’ right and calling on Member States to transpose Article 17 of the EU Copyright Directive, which offers such clarification, without further delay.