The Copyright Directive: A quick summary



The Commission


With the start of the new Commission’s legislature in 2014, President Juncker announced the Digital Single Market was among his main priorities, and with it, a reform of copyright. In September 2016, the Commission published its proposal for a Copyright Directive.


  • Read the proposal and relevant Commission documents here



The European Parliament


In the European Parliament, the file is led by MEP Axel Voss, in the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI).




The following Committees have provided an Opinion:






IMCO received shared competence with JURI over matters pertaining to Article 13 and Recitals 37-39 of the proposal.



The Council


Only a handful of Member States have taken official positions on the Copyright Directive Proposal so far. Working Groups are currently working on matters closest to GESAC, namely Article 13 and associated Recitals (37-39).


  • Read the Bulgarian Presidency's latest compromise proposal on the Directive here (dated 17/05/2018)
  • Read the Estonian Presidency's state of play document, ahead of the Bulgarian presidency here (dated 13/12/2017)





GESAC believes that the copyright reform is an opportunity to address pressing issues for authors in the digital single market (DSM). It will enable establishing a framework to allow further growth of the European creative and cultural industries (CCI) - one of Europe's driving economic forces.


Although the entire copyright package is of utmost importance to European creators, the biggest priority is addressing the "transfer of value" (read more…).