The Broadcasting Regulation



In short



The Broadcasting Regulation proposal seeks to set clear rules for broadcasting online. GESAC and its members have a vested interest in this matter, in light of the fact that 37% of its collections come from TV and radio broadcasting and retransmissions.


The proposal seeks to extend the country of origin principle, which is a principle that harms rights holders by definition. It also does not tackle some major issues like the Direct Injection loophole, or vagueness surrounding the act of communication to the public when retransmitting a public broadcast. 



The Commission


In September 2016, the Commission published its proposal for a Broadcasting Regulation.


  • Read the proposal and other relevant Commission documents here



The European Parliament


In the European Parliament, the file was led by MEP Tiemo Wölken in the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI). MEP Wölken however chose to withdraw his name from the report. The MEP replacing him is not yet known. 


  • Read the Report here



The following Committees provided an Opinion:






The Council


  • Read the Council's agreed compromise proposal on the Regulation here (dated 15/12/2017)





Four issues are of utmost importance to GESAC and its members in the Broadcasting Regulation:




  • Extending Mandatory Collective Management to Retransmission Services (read more...)


  • Clarifying that Broadcasting Retransmission is a New Communication to the Public (read more...)



Read our infographic on GESAC's position on the Regulation.